Quick one tonight…the world beyond your front door.

I think we all easily fall into comfortable lives. We stay in our lanes as it were. I’ve always sought out what made me comfortable, the path of least resistance. Lately though, as this big change has rocked my life, I’ve made a concerted effort to try to step outside of things I’ve always done.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great to know that my family, friends and even many in my community have been there to support me. (Thank goodness the meat and cheese trays and casseroles stopped finally though-Love you all). But I’ve kind of challenged myself to step out of my lane a bit.

So, tonight, I sit in a campground, in pretty much complete darkness, without a soul within probably a thousand yards and can contemplate. I’ve found it refreshing and recharging to just be alone with my thoughts and the sound of the nearby creek.

Barenaked Ladies have a song “Pinch Me,” that talks about seeing the world beyond your front door. I’ve never gotten much meaning out of that until now. Some times to appreciate what we have, we have to see the world beyond our front door.



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